When we are confronted with that which is amazing and wonderous and profound, too often our first response is to reduce that experience with mundane explanations, even if in doing so, we are compelled to distort and forget that which we knew, if even for a brief moment, to be true.

These are the wonderous stories of the Heart Family.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What I Love

I have been working a lot lately with my Spirit Guide and he has suggested that I spend some time thinking about what it is I love about these four cats. This is a good an important exercise.

Light Heart

Light Heart - good faithful friend

I love that you are a faithful good friend, how you manage to sneak into our bed in the middle of the night without me ever knowing that you have come, and are there when I wake in the morning, nose in my face with your gentle nudging, how you love to cuddle in the morning and are as reluctant as I am to get out of bed. I love how your meows are just little cries, when in fact you are a very strong guy but you choose to speak softly. I love that you will "fetch" small balls of paper and drop them at my feet. I love how you roll on your back and stretch very long, and then tilt your head to see if I have noticed you in all your grandeur. I love how you let GH chase you after a meal, and how you lower your head and lean forward to me so I can give you a kiss on your head. I love your love of ice cream and cheese. I love how you crawl onto my lap in the afternoon - not taking "no" for an answer, reminding me that time together is more important than any task I need to do.


Golden Heart

Golden Heart - feminine and nurturing

I love that you love "girls time" together, sitting between us on the sofa, or purring like mad if you get to go into the backroom with us, away from the boys. I love that you have chewed up the bird clock between 6-8:30 trying to "get" the bird inside as it calls every hour. I love that you have learned to stand your ground with the boys without loosing your feminine side. I feel that you are "mom" over us, watching over us. I remember how, even as a kitten, you were taking care of me, a big job them for such a little one. I love how you will start to purr just because I have placed a my hand on you, and I love that you love your "necklace" so much that you almost pout when it is removed, even so briefly, for adjustment. I love that I know I can count on you loving me, even when I have annoyed you. I love that you voice your opinion and keep me focused on doing right by you. I love when you think no one is looking and let yourself loose with play and I very much love that you seek me out to cuddle with, and to sleep next to.

Strong Heart

Strong Heart - earnest and endearing and brave

First of all, I am very proud of you, of the guy you have grown up to be. I admire your path and I admire your courage. You are a spirit warrior, taking on the task of growing into the person you were meant to be, not letting physical challenges or emotional challenges stop you. I admire how you fearlessly jump in to defend the "underdog" in any situation. I love our lap time every morning and how you cannot contain your joy paying with "sparkle stick." I hope to someday be the person you see when you look at me. I love that no matter how much you have grown, you know how to remember to be a young guy, full of adventure, full of hope and full of fun. I admire how very brave you are at every vet visit, never trying to pull away and run, even when I know that is what you want to do. You stand your ground so well and make me think that your name is also Brave Heart. I am very glad you "found" me a the shelter, that you could recognize what I did not yet know, and that you called and called and called to me until I heard you and brought you home.

Noble Heart

Noble Heart - ancient and wise, guardian and teacher

I am honored that you have come to us again in this life, as you have done before, to watch out over us and help us and teach us. I am comforted knowing you are here, knowing I have one that keeps me safe, and I hope my efforts keep you safe as well. I love that you sit on the sink each morning when I take a shower, and patiently wait for your time to jump on my shoulders and play and purr. You are faithful, you are wise, you are patient, you are good. You remind me that I must be someone important that you have come to live here. I love that you let me sleep with my arm around you, I love that you sing at night when we have all crawled into bed. I am amazed that you never defend your food, even when you are hungry. You are a grandfather spirit. I love that you are always ready to play and that you sit at the door to say good-bye each day, reminding us you are with us wherever we go. I hope, in some life, to be as wise as you are now.