When we are confronted with that which is amazing and wonderous and profound, too often our first response is to reduce that experience with mundane explanations, even if in doing so, we are compelled to distort and forget that which we knew, if even for a brief moment, to be true.

These are the wonderous stories of the Heart Family.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A More Surprising Encounter

During this time a number of important events happened, of which I will only summarize here. My mind took a left turn, as if someone turned down the dimmer switch for no apparent reason. Then, several months later, the dimmer switch was gently turned back up. The surprising result was that I came back with my brain rewired. At the time, there was no explanation. In retrospect, I can see that I couldn't have moved any further in the direction I was supposed to grow until parts of me were rewired.

While before there used to be three or four simultaneous streams of thought running through my head, now there were only two, or sometimes one. What I thought was an extraordinary ability, to mentally juggle many things, now I have come to see was a real handicap. I would not have been able to hear the universe until the din and commotion in my own mind quieted.

As the lights came back on, I had an extraordinary experience that I could not explain. I had an encounter with a dying animal where I heard its cry in my head. It lasted for only a moment, scared the #%$#^ out of me, and left me profoundly confused. There was nothing in my understanding that could explain what I had encountered.

I had the opportunity to share my experience over dinner one evening with the cat socializers team. I had expected my story to cause a chuckle and provide some entertainment. Instead, they began to share their own stories of animal communication.

Animal Communication. What was that?

I did the only thing the scientist in me knew to do. I went to the internet and bought a pile of books about animal communication.

My life has never been the same.

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